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Kiwanis Club of Aruba organizes a number of community service projects and charitable fundraising events.

Our Kiwanis club participates in a variety of projects throughout the year that involve fundraising, community service, and assisting children locally and worldwide. 


To gather the necessary funds to finance all our projects to the benefit of our community, our club organizes the following fundraising activities. 

Below are our signature projects and activities that we carry out each year.

Based on donation requests received our club assesses and grants donations to groups (not individuals) and with special attention for kids. Recipients of donations are for example:

  • Fundacion Ban Uni Man Pa Cria Nos Muchanan;

  • Youth organizations like YMCA, Wit-Gele kruis, etc;

  • Aruba South Little League baseball team;

  • Fundacion Pa Nos Muchanan.

Service Leadership Programs:
(15-20% of total budget)

To stimulate leadership development in young adults our club sponsors and mentors during the whole year youth clubs at several schools. A member of our club is appointed as advisor of each of these youth clubs who will have a close relationship with these youth clubs, will be present at their meetings and will assist them in managing their own club. For more information on the youth clubs we sponsor, see the page on Service Leadership Programs.

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